Getting Started Gym Tips

Kim sitting at a desk , smiling and looking mildly professional

Notice my shirt says, “Talk is Cheap.” So let’s get moving with a starter pack of introductory tips:

  1. If you need a fuck ton of motivation just to drag yourself through the door, maybe you aren’t ready to start. Or you need a different game plan.
  2. Always have extra gym clothes/shoes stowed away somewhere. The same goes for hair ties, chapstick, towels, or anything else that would make you turn around and go home without doing anything.
  3. Schedule an extra day/time to workout. If you miss a workout, you’ve still budgeted the time. If you consistently miss and use the “extra” day, cool. It’s become one of your standard days and you need to designate a new back up.
  4. Have makeup or sweat wipes ready. No sense being that stinky if you have to meet people last minute (I also have dry shampoo).
  5. Don’t push your workout until after you meet up with people. You will not come back.
  6. Learn five exercises. Do those five exercises. Hopefully you picks moves you enjoy! Write down how many times and at what weights you can do those exercises. Repeat 3/week for 3 weeks. Report any discomfort. Have someone look at those set/reps/times and advise you. Repeat.
  7. Don’t become overwhelmed by information. Internet groups can be great for support, but everyone’s got opinions. Keep your meaningful circle tight.
  8. Don’t put off asking for help. Using equipment, handling injuries, programming…everyone was a beginner. Most people still are. (tip: In the gym, the people most willing to help for free are also the most knowledgeable…except for the peeps just creepin’).
  10. Just start. Make yourself as prepared and as comfortable as possible — but just start.

If you have any questions about these, please reach out at


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